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- The MarketPort hub is the digital machine that automates the digital journey - 

from sales and marketing internally to the customer travel.


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What do we do for our clients?

What do our clients get out of it?

How can you achieve this?

What do we do for our clients?

What do we do for our clients?

We put their individual Multichannel Marketing Department and Field Sales Support online.

We analyze their Marketing Department and Sales Support, optimize the global and local processes, and our unique modular products & services put their marketing department online.

Enabling efficient, dynamic and fast global omnichannel marketing and sales support, on- and off-line. 

Reduced time and money spent on local marketing activities – they are able to produce their own material based on globally developed templates but adopted to local needs.

Developed by marketing and sales people and refined in cooperation with marketing and sales people in global corporations since 2000.

We call our eMarketing Department and Sales Force support – MarketPort.

What do our clients get out of it?

What do our clients get out of it?

MarketPort the tailored Cloud Marketing Department that streamlines their Marketing and Sales support processes, enables measurable knowledge sharing, training and marketing / sales process efficiency.

They manage their brand, design, sources, campaigns and launches globally from their Corporate eMarketing Department.

Make them available for the marketing and sales teams globally. Ready for the local marketing and sales teams to translate, adapt, build and launch on all channels, without any technical skills, via the local eMarketing Departments, with the online Multi Material Studio.

They get obvious and measurable results related to Time to Market, Access to Market, Best practices, Quality and Return on Investment.

How can you achieve this?

How can you achieve this?

By the on demand service / product cloud MarketPort.

The MarketPort cloud consists of several modules which, depending on your markets, internal and external target groups and requirements can be customized and integrated with each other to dynamically fit to your products, markets and reality.

We set-up your business plan with measurable and valuable KPI's.

And then we build your individual MarketPort – eMarketing Department keep it simple and precise with focus on where the value is highest and most visible and measurable.

Your first version of MarketPort can be live in the cloud within 2 months.

“We understand and think global omni-channel marketing & sales – and we call our cloud MarketPort”.

One Source

The Source

One Source use anywhere

The Product Source Catalog (PIM)

The Multi Source Library (DAM)

The Marketing

The Marketing

eMarketing Department

The Campaign and Launch Department

The Omnichannel Multi-media Studio 

Sales Assist

The Sale

Field Sales Support

The Mobile Sales Assist

The Meeting room, Presentation and CRM

The Full-services 

Our starting point in any client engagement is always your business needs and your internal and external user target groups. When you choose us to help you, we quickly analyze your environment and needs – and use this in the planning and design of your solution.

Optimization of processes and organisation
Based on our deep experience in marketing and new technology, we can analyse and optimise your processes and organisation which ensures increased efficiency and sustainability in your organisation. We have tried it before and know the organisational pitfalls. Therefore, we are well positioned to advise you on how to organize your organisation to manage marketing content globally on a daily basis.

Business case & Scorecards
When required, we define a business case which states the cost / benefits and defines clear key performance indicators for the project. We also help our clients to define simple Marketing scorecards which helps everyone in Marketing keep track of the performance on the most important key success factors.

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A Selection of our Clients

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Features & Benefits

Marketing and Sales Operation Management
 – from one single source and process to omnichannel global and local customer contact.

Proven return on investment,
speed, access, quality, elearning and sharing globally by real customers cases.

The dynamic cloud Marketing Department 
that reflects your business and markets, as marketer and sales representative.

The mobile SalesAssist
 – always at hand where the customer contact and sale takes place.

Lindblad provide solutions 
based on our unique marketing and sales expertise – not just standard software packages.

Collect, manage and segment all your campaign and product launches from one place
. Share with your colleagues around the world.

Create once in the web2web, web2print and web2anywhere Studio in the Corporate eMarketing Department – adapt and translate in the local eMarketing Departments.

Continuously developed and optimized by the daily use of global marketers and sales staff during the last 20 years. Which provides you with a unique opportunity to participate and share expertise and valuable best practice.

eCademy - eLearning - Learning Management System -
train the trainer, content management, learning styles, questionnaire and examination, personas and off- and online - Build interactive eLearning courses, easily and simply - with full training of your eLearning teachers.

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