Multi-MediaZone DAM

Manage your marketing content and materials

Campaign/LaunchZone MOM

Plan, budget, and follow up on campaigns

SalesZone SOM

Distributor, Partner, Dealer and Sales rep. cloud

ProductZone PIM

Omnichannel Product Information Management


MarketPort DAM and PIM integrated in your website CMS

LearningZone LCM

Build and run effective eLearning courses


Produce and adapt your own local marketing materials


Track and evaluate eCommerce performance and results

MarketPort is the online workplace for marketing which
streamlines your marketing processes

You can also call it “Your Virtual Global Marketing Department”
MarketPort is the portal which provides easy access to all relevant marketing material and tools – globally

MarketPort enables measurable marketing knowledge sharing, training and marketing process efficiency.

Everything you produce online and offline is collected – and can easily be found – here in MarketPort. You are administrating, maintaining and updating the content and users yourselves.

For many of our customers, MarketPort quickly becomes their “Marketing Nerve System”.

Customize your own MarketPort
The customization of MarketPort is made easy by the range of "out-of-the-box" application modules – or ”Zones” as we like to call them. Take a tour around the different Zones and get inspired on how MarketPort can help streamline your marketing processes.


Let us help you to getting started right
When you choose to let us customize MarketPort to fit your company, we uncover your environment, customer segments, target stakeholders, processes, materials, media and type of activities. Based on this knowledge, we build your virtual marketing department which can cover everything from a picture bank to campaign management and marketing automation tools.


Multi-MediaZone – DAM

Manage your marketing content and materials

Multi-MediaZone – DAM

Manage / share your marketing content, materials and campaigns "one source of truth"

Multi-MediaZone the omnichannel engine behind the streamlined global marketing organization and feeds content into any marketing tool and material. The dynamic cloud Marketing Department that reflects your business and markets, as marketer and salesrepresentative Global setup with local support and self-service.

Global access to marketing materials
Multi-MediaZone is a leading edge web-based marketing content bank with advanced high speed upload and download features and provides global access to marketing materials such as:

Pictures – Brochures – Presentations – Merchandise – Videos – Design manuals – Ad’s (print and web) – Banner ad’s – Direct Mails.

Customize your Multi-MediaZone
Your Multi-MediaZone is always customized in terms of the look & feel design and content structure – and following features can be added to your solution depending on your needs:

Order module – Print on Demand (POD) – iPaper – Web library – Product Cat. library – Language module – FTP upload module – Royalty management – Video for web.

Multi-MediaZone features
Multi-MediaZone includes the following standard features:

  • Web-based Marketing Database providing easy access to pictures, content and materials
  • Advanced upload and download engine
  • Advanced user administration
  • Statistics section providing user and usage statistics.

Multi-MediaZone delivers a range of benefits for our clients – including:

  • Optimized brand consistency and quality in your global market communication
  • Reduce time and resources when producing marketing activities
  • Reduce time-to-market and cost
  • No information overflow – views and functions reflect your organization
  • Transparency – it is easy to follow up on usage of the system and the different materials.






SalesZone – SOM

Distributor, Dealer, Partner and Sales rep cloud

SalesZone – SOM

The Distributor, Dealer, Partner and Sales rep cloud

One stop distributor cloud and incentive program.
Localized and ready to use Marketing materials, webbanners and digital content for the distributors websites and Social Media etc.
Localized and ready to use sales materials for field sale and online sales meetings.
Image library and Product catalogue.
Business cooperation papers and price lists
Close and personal contact with the Marketing and Sales Team, at your headquarter and nearest subsidiary.
Offer the distributor / partner to be an active part of product launches and campaigns.
Hub for the Distributor Incentive Program.
eCourses and Webinars.

Distributor and Sales Operation Management and Incentive Programs Zone.
Digitizes, streamlines and automates from HQ to Subsidiary and all the way to the individual Distributor, Partner or Sales rep.
Easy to use, developed by the daily use of Distributors, Sales reps, Marketing and Sales people all over the world.

SalesZone features:

  • Easy to translate and localize - automated digital workflow
  • Easy to use – plug and play
  • Speed to markets increased by 60%
  • Guaranteed correct use of brand and design
  • Need for local marketing supplier is reduced by 50%
  • The Distributors own cloud – Distributor loyalty
  • Measurable real time activities and results on one and on all Distributors
  • Approx. 70% savings on internal time consumption


  • One stop hub Distributor and Sales rep cloud
  • Individualized and adapted to the world of the individual distributor or sales rep
  • Global and local promotion roll out
  • Real time statistics and measurability








Produce, adapt and translate your own local omnichannel marketing and sales materials


Produce, adapt and translate your own local omnichannel marketing and sales materials

”Think global – Act local” is the traditional challenge for global companies. WorkZone is one of the means to achieve global brand consistency while keeping local market responsiveness and effectiveness.


Global templates – local marketing production
WorkZone enables you to create marketing activities locally and effectively. Based on globally defined design templates, the local marketing and sales department can easily and quickly adapt and develop marketing and sales activities which fit their needs – when they need it. No need and knowledge about technical programs such as InDesign, Photoshop, HTML programs etc.

WorkZone features
WorkZone consists of a number of automation tools which can be customized to address your needs for local production of different marketing and sales materials. Based on globally defined templates, the local marketing department can quickly produce materials – such as:

  • Advertisements
  • Printed material – Brochure/Direct Mail/Collateral
  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Websites
  • Banners
  • ePresentations.

WorkZone delivers a range of benefits for our clients – including:

  • Improved brand consistency and quality in your local market communication
  • Reduced time and money spent on local marketing activities – they are able to produce their own material based on globally developed templates but adopted to local needs
  • Reduced time-to-market – local marketing execution when it is needed.







WebZone – CMS

Integration - plugin of MarketPort PIM and DAM for website CMS systems such as Umbraco, Wordpress and Optimizely etc.

WebZone – CMS

The Website CMS multimedia and product information one source use anywhere cloud

The MarketPort Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Product Information Management (PIM) cloud is the global "one source use anywhere" content that support and updates global websites in real time. 

WebZone features

  • WebZone for the pharmaceutical and medical companies. Secures approval, archiving and security that only the correct and final materials and information that is used online
  • WebZone for Industrial companies. Supports and ensures that all product information currently presented, individually and relevant to different audiences
  • WebZone for Building Construction and manufacturing companies. Architects, contractors, engineers, internal salespeople and technicians, we know their world, as WebZone supports
  • WebZone for high-tech and telecom. A world with microsites for partners, supporters, product launches and primary audiences right out to the partners' customers covered by WebZone
  • WebZone for Retail & FMCG companies. Campaign sites on all sorts of languages, fast online and offline. Distributor / reseller portal individualized toward the individual, dedicated covered by WebZone.

WebZone delivers a range of benefits for our clients – including:

  • Optimize sales and marketing through partners – improve your web presence and sales support to your partners in a cost efficient way
  • Time-to-market – quickly build micro/campaign sites which are dynamic and easy to manage and update with latest pictures, products, presentations etc.






Campaign/LaunchZone – MOM

Global Campaign and Launch Management Cloud

Campaign/LaunchZone – MOM

Global campaign and launch management cloud

Overview of your marketing campaigns
Simple, quick, visual and guided creation of campaigns and product launches, globally. Everyone across the company who is involved in the campaign can follow and participate in the creation of the campaigns, and everyone can search and see the results of local and global campaigns and copy them for local use.

Why Campaign/LaunchZone?
"One of the values in companies is "Exceed expectations". For the marketing people, this means that you need to invest the company's money more effectively and efficiently than the competitors! The only way you can out-smarten your competitors is to accelerate your learning and share your best practices. A unique tool for this is the "Campaign/LaunchZone" process".

A statement from one of our customers

Campaign/LaunchZone features

  • Planning: Explain campaign, target groups, goals and budgeted cost
  • Development & execution: (is performed in WorkZone)
  • Evaluation: Rating of campaign based on stated goals
  • Best practice: Visual presentation of campaign based on templates.







LearningZone – LMS

Build and run effective eLearning courses

LearningZone – LMS

Build and run effective eLearning courses

Unique simplicity and ease of use
LearningZone is very simple and easy to use, which is rather unique if you look at most other existing systems today. The person who has the knowledge can easily build a compelling and visual eLearning session. It is possible to use and combine exactly the different media (text, pictures, video, animations, dynamic graphics etc.) which are best suited for the specific topic.

In the initial start-up phase, we can build the content together with our clients into an effective learning process. We base the content structure and learning principles on the 4MAT model which explains effective learning from the way different people receive and use information.

LearningZone features
LearningZone is built of latest technology and includes a broad range of features, including:

  • Simple, intuitive and quick setup of eCourses
  • Video, animations, images etc. are picked directly from the digital asset library.
  • Individualized education level and learning process
  • Test and student certification management
  • Built-in case scenarios

LearningZone delivers a range of benefits for our clients – including:

  • Effective and cost efficient way to ensure that your sales people, partners and customers are educated eg. in your products
  • More people are trained – easy access and everyone can find out how to use it
  • Quick and easy to design a learning courses and to explain even complicated stuff.







ProductZone – PIM

Omnichannel Product Information Management

ProductZone – PIM

Omnichannel Product Information Management "single source publishing"

Product Catalog and the omnichannel product information eCenter, that automates single source publishing.

Created with focus on international companies with many languages, many products and variants, with localized product portfolio in the various markets.

With the integration of digital content from The Multi-MediaZone, The ProductZone automatically supplies product information for all channels, all devices and with all kinds of digital media such as eg. text, images, video, presentations and web2web – web2print product catalogs, app's, microsites etc.



Centralized Product Information Management and global and local update at the touch of the push or pull button.

Local translation and adaptation with central approval.

Created and continually optimized by the daily use of Marketing, Sales and Product people in international companies.

ProductZone features

  • Advanced, scalable, simple and visually product catalog and multi product information system
  • Easy, simple and efficient management
  • Multi catalog for printed, web or app presentation and use
  • Multi-language and easy and quick translation.


  • Can be the center for product information from various product databases and ERP systems.







Omnichannel, InBound, eCommerce, track and evaluate performance, behaviour and results


Omnichannel, InBound, eCommerce, track and evaluate performance, behaviour and results

In DashboardZone you can measure and follow up on performance and usage of our different activities and materials.

DashboardZone delivers a range of benefits for our clients – including:

  • Improved transparency and on demand marketing performance metrics
  • Customized statistics depending on your needs
  • Makes it easy to follow the goals and ROI
  • Global and local oversight of marketing and sales efforts,
  • Social Media and eCommerce monitoring and measuring.



What marketing materials are used, by whom, when and for what benefit?

DashboardZone features

  • User traffic analytics
  • Marketing material usage statistics
  • eLearning test and evaluation reporting
  • Rating of campaigns and materials.