Needs, Analysis & Visioning

Adding individual value

Brand & Sales results

Marketing Dashboard & Scorecard

Marketing Services

  • Needs Analysis & Ideas, Visioning
  • Optimization of Processes and Organisation
  • Business Case & Marketing Scorecard
  • User Surveys & Analysis
  • Change Management & Internal communication

Build & Integrate

Developing concepts

Designing for your audience

MarketPort Services

  • Visual Design & Content Structure
  • Configuration
  • Content Migration
  • Template Design
  • System Development & Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization and Analytics
  • Hosting & Customer Support

Test & Measure


Going live

Optimizing for search engines

Test & Measure

  • Identifying, prioriting and fixing bugs
  • Gather User Feedback
  • Testing SEO
  • Set-up Google Analytics
  • eMedia, google Ad-words etc.

MarketPort Services

When you make the decision to use MarketPort as your virtual global marketing department, we are here to help you. Our services cover from analyzing your internal and external world, set-up goals and KPI dashboard, preparing a basic MarketPort to customizing your solution, running the solution for you and train the users and measurement the results

Analyzing, Visual Design and Content Structure
As part of customizing your solution, we define a content structure and web design which fits your company’s look & feel and organisational structure, and which ensures high usability and user experience.

You can choose to buy MarketPort modules as a "out-of-the-box" service, however most of our customers ask us to quickly configure the system for them. We tailor every solution to fit the needs of the customer. However, we do not start from scratch – we simply take the relevant modules in the MarketPort and quickly configure them according to your requirements.

Template Design
When you decide to use WorkZone to automate the production of some of your marketing materials, we design and build the omnichannel templates (web2web, web2print and web2social etc.) which can then be used by the local market units.


System Development and Integration
You can choose to let us develop features tailored to your specific requirements. Furthermore, MarketPort can be integrated with your other core systems such as your CRM (e.g., ERP (e.g. SAP) or eCommerce system.

User Training
We train your key people to ensure a quick user adoption of the solution. The training sessions are either performed on your site or are performed as online webinars.

Hosting & Customer Support
We are hosting most customer solutions thus reducing our customers' reliance on constrained budgets and IT resources. No installation and no operation is required – it is all taken care of by us in a secure and professional cloud web-hosting environment. Furthermore, we – and our local partner – provide personal customer support to your super-users through our multi-channel Hotline.

Marketing Services

We provide solutions – not just standard software packages. We can help you analyse your needs and processes and to tailor your organisation and solution which exactly fits your needs

Needs analysis & Visioning
Our starting point in any client engagement is always your business needs and your internal and external user groups. When you choose us to help you, we quickly analyze your environment and needs – and use this in the planning and design of your solution.

Optimization of processes and organisation
Based on our deep experience in marketing and new technology, we can analyse and optimise your processes and organisation which ensures increased efficiency and sustainability in your organisation. We have tried it before and know the organisational pitfalls. Therefore, we are well positioned to advise you on how to organize your organization to manage marketing content globally on a daily basis.

Business case & Scorecards
When required, we define a business case which states the cost / benefits and defines clear key performance indicators for the project. We also help our clients to define simple Marketing scorecards which helps everyone in Marketing keep track of the performance on the most important key success factors.


We also perform frequent status meetings with our customers to evaluate the realised business case and agree on adjustments and plans for new modules and features.

User Survey and Analysis
Prior and during the initial launch of MarketPort, we can perform a user survey and analyse the user needs and experience before and after the implementation of MarketPort and new processes. This provides valuable insight into planning and designing the right solution for your company. On an ongoing basis, surveys can point to where you need to adjust and how you can achieve further gains in efficiency and effectiveness.

Change Management & Internal Communication
To ensure quick user adoption and sustainable benefits from new processes and IT tools it is important to manage and communicate every change very clearly about what it means for each employee and external stakeholder. Based on our experience and communication background, we can help you to develop the right plan and communication.

eLearning Services

Improve the effectiveness and cost efficiency of your eLearning programme

eLearning Design
Again, we are not an ordinary software vendor who "just" deliver leading edge software. We deliver effective eLearning solutions! Based on the acknowledged 4MAT model and techniques, our experts help you with the design of the eLearning programme.

Configuration & Content Migration
When you have the design and structure in place, we help you through the development and content creation process. We also advise you how to manage the ongoing development and maintenance of your eLearning platform.